Complaints and Appeals Policy

Complaints & Appeals Policy

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Airwork Helicopters is committed to providing effective, efficient and fair complaints and appeals processes to all learners and clients.

Student Grievance, Complaints and Appeals


Airwork Helicopters has developed this policy to provide clear instructions to learners and clients on the handling of complaints and appeals.
A complaint can be made to Airwork Helicopters regarding the conduct of fellow students, trainers, assessors, other staff or the school. A complaint may be received in any form to any member of staff. Where possible, the complaints are resolved immediately.
An appeal is an application by a student of reconsideration of an unfavourable decision or finding during training and/or assessment. An appeal must be made in writing and specify the particulars of the decision or finding in dispute. Appeals must be lodged within 28 days of the decision or finding is informed to the student.
Complaints and appeals are processed and finalised within 60 calendar days of receipt. If Airwork Helicopters require more time, the school will inform the complainant or appellant in writing including the reasons why the extended time is required and regularly updates the complainant or appellant on the progress of the matter.
The RTO will ensure that the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness are adopted at every stage of the complaint and appeal process.
Airwork Helicopters will maintain a secure complaints and appeals register that contains all complaints documents, outcomes and actions taken including any verbal complaints. This register is also reviewed within our continuous improvement policy on regular intervals along with this policy and procedure to ensure the likeliness of this problem not happening again.


Where possible all verbal complaints shall be attempted to be resolved informally. Any staff member can be involved in this process but once a formal complaint has been made the following must be followed.

  1. A complaint must be lodged in writing to Airwork Helicopters Manager at the earliest possible opportunity.
  2. The complaint will be lodged into the Complaints and Appeals register
  3. The handling of a complaint or appeal is to commence within 10 working days of the lodgement and all reasonable measures are taken to finalise the process as soon as practicable.
  4. The complainant is to be given the opportunity to formally present his or her case of the complaint.
  5. The complainant may be accompanied and/or assisted by a support person at any relevant meeting.
  6. Airwork Helicopters shall maintain the enrolment of the complainant during the complaint or appeals process.
  7. In all cases the final decision will be endorsed be the CEO.
  8. Decisions or outcomes of the complaint or appeal if in favour of the complainant shall be implemented immediately.
  9. All parties will be advised in writing of the decision, within this notification the complainant will be advised of the right to appeal.

Appealing a Decision

  1. This must be in writing with the grounds of the appeal is based upon.
  2. Including the reasons the complainant feels the decision is unfair explained.
  3. Airwork Helicopters CEO will determine the validity of the appeal and organise a meeting with the complainant and relevant staff to attempt resolution.
  4. Writing notification of the outcome with reasons for the decision will be sent to all parties.
  5. The decision and actions will be entered into the register.
  6. If the complainant is still unsatisfied with the outcome they will be referred to an appropriate agency for an external review.


Standards for RTOs 2015 – standard 6

Revision History

1st November 2018 (Original)