Advanced Flight Training

Advanced flight training

Our experienced flight instructors offer a range of flight endorsements and reviews to help you improve and maintain your aircraft licence.

Whether you’re looking to become more employable, fly a new model of aircraft, or learn a new skill, we’ll help you take your experience to new heights.   

Pricing for each endorsement below is subject to aircraft choice and fuel prices. For enrolment, general questions or payment & pricing enquiries, please contact us.

Helicopter Low Level Rating

Learn to conduct operations in a helicopter below 500ft AGL.

We will provide the theory and practical applications required to fly at low-level. This rating is a pre-requisite for mustering endorsements.

Helicopter Gas Turbine Engine Endorsement

Learn to fly a single engine helicopter powered by a gas turbine.

Flying the OH-58A Kiowa, your instructor will provide the theory and practical applications required to safely operate turbine-powered aircraft.

Mustering Endorsement

Learn how to conduct aerial mustering operations in a helicopter.

Flying the Robinson R22, we’ll provide the theory and practical applications required to muster cattle, sheep or goats with a helicopter.

These can be conducted on site or at your chosen location.

Fire Endorsement

Learn how to conduct fire suppression and control (firebombing) operations in a helicopter.

Our flight instructor can conduct fire training and renewals either on site or at your chosen location.

Flight Instructors Rating

Become a qualified flight instructor by completing a flight instructors rating.

We will provide CASA-approved theory and practical applications required for you to safely teach prospective pilots in the aviation industry.  

Aerial Application Rating

Learn how to operate helicopters for aerial applications below 500ft.

Flying the Bell Kiowa, this rating is useful for crop management and firebombing operations.

Multi Engine IFR – Aeroplane

Take the next step in your career and learn to fly on instruments.

Conducted in conjunction with TAFE Queensland (AVI50519) this course is designed for aeroplane pilots looking to enhance their skills and knowledge and earn their instrument and multi-engine class ratings.

This rating will give you the skills and knowledge to operate in most weather conditions as you would be required to do if employed as an IFR charter or airline pilot.

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Vocational Study Loans

Airwork Aviation have partnered with Study Loans Australia to provide approved applicants with funding assistance.

For more information on eligibility criteria, please contact us.

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